- Who we are -

Our restaurant opened its doors in 2003, and today we are proud to say that our restaurant has reached great acknowledgement as a Good Food restaurant with good cuisine, not only in Llíria, but also for the region. 

Since our beginnings, our philosophy has been very simple to raise the standard of cooking in Llíria but avoiding complexes recipes and unaffordable prices because eating well and healthy should not be a privilege.

For this reason, in our Restaurant Lounge Segle XXI we look for a balance between quality homemade food and a good atmosphere and abve all, the best price - quality rate.

However, today it is not enough to do just the right things, that is, to offer a tasting meal for the customer, but it is necessary to let them be surprised, eager for new flavors and sensations while they eat.

That is why we offer modern and different dishes, without excessive complexities, in which we strive for originality and quality, seal of our restaurant in Lliria.

We combine the service of meals and dinners with the organization of live shows, such as comedy shows, which are a funny plan for Friday night, as well as the summer terrace in the hottest months, to enjoy your drinks in a good atmosphere.

We are waiting for you at the Restaurant Segle XXI in Lliria, our house, your house.